Ramish Mazhar — Toronto, Canada Sent Legal Threats to ShitReport.com

Legal Threats to ShitReport.com from Ramish Mazhar

While searching my name I came across a shit report on myself. Not only is the information in the “report” completely unrelated to your website, it is fabricated , considered defamation of character and also uses a picture that doesn’t clearly identify who the “report” is about supposedly (there are two individuals in the picture).Yes I did cheat on him, but this does not give him the right to tell the world about my private life. I request removal of this particular report for Ramish Mazhar. If you do not promptly remove, I will seek legal action
Please remove this post https://shitreport.com/ramish-mazhar-toronto-canada/

Report that is listed on the ShitReport.com

Ramish Mazhar — Toronto, Canada

This girl is a h*e. She is currently cheating on her boyfriend (Lakshya Parashar) with one of their group friend. She also fuked some guys behind his boyfriend when he was in India. She is mean and the rudest person. She works as an Assistant property manager with [REDACTED] in Toronto. I heard from her colleague that she is fuking her manager as well. She tries to act decent but deep down she is worst than a slore. Her ex boyfriend who lives in Pakistan leaked her nudes because she left him after coming to Toronto. She is a liar and will spill every dirty secrets of yours. De She is an insecure person. G*d saves his boyfriend. I have a advice for you. You are turning 29 this December 2021 and marry your Pakistani cousin. Otherwise your dad will kill you or himself if he founds out about your whereabouts.

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