Marty Romzek – Fenton, Michigan Sent Legal Threats to

Legal Threats to from Marty Romzek

Ripoff List “Defamation of Character Lawsuit – Livingston County Circuit Court, Howell, MI”

From: Marty Romzek <[email protected]> [email protected]

Subject: Defamation of Character Lawsuit – Livingston County Circuit Court, Howell, MI

Message Body: This post must be removed immediately. This post is in direct violation of a personal protection order PPO issued by Livingston County Circuit Court in June 2021 against Jacqueline Blue…. the author of this post. I am now taking further legal action and have filed a suit for defamation of character, affecting my ability for employment directly as a result of this post. This case you can look up in the Livingston County court records which are publicly available. Your organization is not only complicit in the act of making public false and intentionally damaging statements about me available to the public. Your organization is, in fact and accomplice in this suit. Without your platform her defamation statements do not reach an audience. You have made this the 3rd item in a google search under my name. That is all your organization….not the author’s doing. All I ask is that you simply remove this content immediately, and I can promise I will make no issue and you will not hear from me. If not, I will be adding your organization into the lawsuit I have filed against the author of the post and you can then explain your position in court or by paying the extremely large settlement I am assured to receive due to the lack of employment possibilities to me with this post on google. I appreciate an immediate response.

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Ripoff List “Defamation of Character Lawsuit – Livingston County Circuit Court, Howell, MI” 

To [email protected] on 2021-09-22 09:53

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If you send us an email explaining what your you or your lawyer will do to us, remind your lawyer about Rule 11 obligations and make sure he/she reads the Section 230 link above. Any lawyer who files a frivolous lawsuit will be subjected to sanctions and a counter lawsuit for “wrongful use of civil proceedings” as defined on § 674 of the Restatement (Second) of Torts. In other words, we will get a lawyer (who will probably end up being paid by you and your lawyer) to sue your lawyer, then let our readers know all about it and open the issue to commentary. One we dont post content, we do have the IP Address of the person that posted it. Protection order PPO is not theNow you have sent us threats demanded or attempted to take legal action against the owners of this site. We have ZERO tolerance for this conduct and you can be assured that any removal attempt will ultimately fail! Also, we just signed up with a site called Free Speech site that publishes legal threats and we will be sending over your legal threats we receive also. We will add a link to them shortly. The threats are published and indexed by the person making the threats and by the lawyer or other idiot who has never read Section 230 of the CDA and still wants to bother us with frivolous legal claims. In other words, your threats will cause your name to appear in another site, it’s what some call backfire. Don’t be stupid, you won’t scare us. If you see the flashing text an alert “Ineligible For Arbitration” on your report, then you should know that there is a ZERO chance of the posted content ever being removed. This ultimately means that the content will remain on this site indefinitely and there will be no exceptions.

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Martin Romzek, Marty Romzek

This dude is straight up stalker material. Do your research before dating this liar, Chester and manipulator. Arrested for stalking, cheated on his wife of 18 years, fired for sexual harassment, 2 other police reports of harassment. He has nothing to offer except heartbreak and herpes.

Marty Romzek of Fenton, Michigan has been placed on Ineligible For Arbitration Status

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