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This attorney sent a threat related to the domain name She not only failed to identify her client but also had the balls to request that the domain name be cancelled. Another attorney who is apparently either not familiar with the service provider immunity of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act or chooses to ignore the law when making threats.


Posted on: 24 May 2017 02:10 PM

Good afternoon, this email is a request for assistance in an ongoing lawsuit related to defamatory and malicious content available at a domain registered by easyDNS. We are hoping you could provide us with information
or direction.

To note: this is not a demand letter or other formal legal notice, and *Easy DNS is not a defendant in the underlying lawsuit. *

The web site, which is registered with Easy DNS, is home to abusive and inaccurate content about my client, and as part of the legal process to remove defamatory content from the Web, we are making efforts to identify both the web site and the poster of the speech of the litigation so they may defend the speech in court, if they choose. We are also reaching out to parties involved in these web sites, like Easy DNS, to make them aware of the type of business being conducted in their names.

We are attempting all available avenues to remove the information and would appreciate any relief you could provide whether that is to revoke their registration (as GoDaddy may have done in 2016) or to offer another
suggestion. Any input you could offer into this process would be welcomed.

Thank you very much,


Mariana Karampelas
Attorney-at-Law | MK Law, LLC

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