Jason Hicks Legal Threats, to DirtyEx.com About Jason Hicks — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

From: Jason Hicks <[email protected]> Subject: Remove my information from your website before I take IMMEDIATE LEGAL ACTION

URL: https://www.dirtyex.com/jason-hicks-pittsburgh-pennsylvania/ I’m keeping this email as documentation of my request to immediately remove ALL of my information from your website

The information on your site is false, misleading and deceptive and is a violation of my privacy and defamation of my name. Your website currently shows fabricated and false information about me that was posted by a true psychopath that has been stalking myself and my children for years. She is purposely posting information about me on your website trying to harm me. She has been sent an official cease and desist notice from my attorney, yet she still continues to create posts with false information online and this needs to end. I’ve already had posts from other sites removed, please do the same immediately.

If you don’t respond with a confirmation that the above referenced post, URL and all subsequent personal data has been COMPLETELY removed, I will take IMMEDIATE legal action.

Thank you, Jason Hicks

Jason Hicks of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has been placed on Ineligible For Arbitration Status


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