Holly Chatten Bristol, UK, Victoria Evans – Potential Criminal Threat

An individual, claiming to act on behalf of Holly Chatten Bristol, UK sent a threat demanding removal or “i’ll give it to black hats”. That last phrase is known to imply the crime of unauthorized access to computer systems.

The URL at issue is: http://cheatersareus.com/holly-chatten-bristol-uk/


[Account Information] Troll abusing and harassing my family on your site (V2:Unknown user)
To: [email protected]
From: [REDACTED]@googlemail.com
Name: victoria evans
Login: null
Email: [email protected]
a troll has put this in about my daughter … http://cheatersareus.com//?s=holly+chatten&x=0&y=0 I would like it removed asap or i’ll give it to black hats.

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